Why Does Listening to the Panic CD Before Falling Asleep Lead to Having Sex Dreams??

After listening to the Panic CD, a woman stops waking up to panic attacks and instead starts waking up to sex dreams. She wants to know what to make of this…

panic Dear Belleruth,
Every time I listen to the Panic CD at night, I end up having sex dreams. They seem "healthy" but way more than I usually have. This has been going on for over 3 weeks now, and I just wanted to see if it made sense to you, or if you have ever heard of such a response to the CD.

I’ve had no new panic attacks, which is great, but was just wondering if you had any feedback on this.


Dear Pat,
How interesting!!
Nope, never got this comment before, but that doesn''t mean it doesn''t happen, just that nobody else has asked me about this so far.

My best guess is that you are more relaxed and so more of your regular, everyday, sexual interest is showing up in your dreams (and perhaps making up for lost time!). Congratulations!! Sounds like a felicitous set of outcomes to me!

All best wishes,

Pat replies:

I wondered that too! I was 13 when I first started having panic attacks, but didn''t find out what they were until 10 (+) year later. So developmentally that makes sense. My favorite dream was with Eli Stone! (TV character) and this is way better than waking up to a panic attack.

Thanks for your response!