This week’s update is provided by the staff of Health Journeys.

Another school year is about to begin; bringing with it the all of the challenges and opportunities a new school term can create for kids and parents. Should some of those school-related challenges arise for you, we have some excellent guided imagery for kids and teens. This is especially true with the addition of new guided imagery by Mellisa Dormoy and Traci Stein.

Calm & Clarity: Guided Meditations for ADHD, Hyperactive or Busy Kids has two guided meditations, written for a wide range of younger, grade school aged kids, from those who could use a little help with focus and confidence, all the way to those struggling with ADD or ADHD (attention deficit disorder or attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder).  The imagery is designed to help with concentration, the channeling of extra energy and transforming negative self-talk into a boost for self-esteem. This is a popular title with parents, teachers and kids alike.

Healthy Self-Esteem combines Traci’s guided imagery and hypnotic techniques to help release self-doubt; cultivate feelings of personal mastery; envision a more empowered future self; and encourage present moment self-acceptance - all while embracing positive change.  

Traci Stein's self-esteem imagery would be great for kids struggling with social or academic insecurities and challenges, especially if they start listening as the new school year unfolds.

Traci has written a thoughtful article about the upcoming school year and the challenges it can represent. You can find it at the Health Journeys blog.

Relaxed & In Control: Guiding My Emotions for Good Self-Control is designed to help grade school aged kids with their anger, impulses and big feelings.  The narrative opens up the idea of choices and supports better self-control through channeling and redirecting emotions.

So, if you’re a parent, teacher, friend or relative of a kid who can use any of these, now you know where to look!

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Take care and be well.

The Health Journeys Staff