Back-to-School Season Celebrates the Importance of Education

Despite the fact that it's a harbinger of summer's end, I love the whole back-to-school gestalt. There is a sense of optimism and excitement in the air and we are surrounded by a plethora of brightly-colored educational supplies—a treat for the senses and fodder for the creative spirit.

Many classrooms are switching from notebooks and textbooks to computers and electronic tablets, but this time of year, even computers, phones and tech gadgets get to dress up in cool sleeves and covers. There are backpacks, lunch bags, new clothes and shoes to buy. Don't forget to check out the list of states that offer tax-free holidays for the purchase of school supplies.


The back-to-school shopping season begins in July, and for retailers it is second only in sales to the December holiday shopping season. It's great to shop for school supplies while it's still summer, but the most beneficial aspect of the early shopping season is the opportunity to take advantage of the wealth of information and resources that help parents, students and teachers prepare for the educational experience.

Two common suggestions provided in many articles that deal with preparing for school involve getting adequate sleep and cultivating healthy self-esteem. Dr. Traci Stein's Self Esteem Pack, which contains her Healthy Self Esteem and Self Esteem during Sleep, is a great way to address this two-fold problem. We hear from parents who say this combination is particularly helpful for students entering middle school, high school or college.

Here at Health Journeys, we know students are not the only ones going back to school. We talk to many teachers who stock up on our audio programs as they prepare. To read Belleruth's response to a teacher who asked for resources to help her elementary students living with violence, read What Can This Grade School Teacher Do for Her Traumatized Kids?.

It will come as no surprise that the all-time favorite of teachers everywhere is Belleruth's Relieve Stress. We salute the hard-working educators whose efforts and expertise help shape our country's future.

The transition from summer fun to serious studies can be challenging. If you find yourself or your teen experiencing difficulty with concentration, focus and follow-through, our Focus and Finish Kit is just the thing.

The combination of Belleruth's Concentration, Focus and Learning and Dr. Traci Stein's Procrastination audio programs creates a kind of super-functional team, and you have a dynamic duo that will help you start the race, sustain your pace and cross the finish line.

To help kids of all ages prepare for the classroom mentally and emotionally, check out our resources for kids and teens.

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