Belle's Best Qs &As


The questions and comments keep rolling in. It’s always good to get them, because they make clear what we haven’t been explaining well, or point out something we’ve articulated too flippantly, or highlight an important issue that was omitted in an answer… in other words, they set us straight and keep us on track. So thank you all for all of it.

Here are a few recent Q and A’s. No scoldings in this batch, but some great issues raised… on cancer, panic attacks, psoriasis, and our new app…

This first question is from a man who has panic attacks. Guided imagery helped a lot at the outset, but then the attacks returned, and he wants to know what he’s doing wrong…

Here’s James:


I suffer with anxiety and panic attacks, day and night.

My doctor suggested your stress relief imagery, which I have been using.

It seemed to help for the first 5 days. But it is now day 10 and I keep relapsing and having episodes.

Also, my appetite is very poor, as I feel the constant stress in my body.

What am I doing wrong?


A: Hello, James.

First of all, you’re not doing anything wrong. Panic attacks are persistent by nature, and very few people get rid of them in a straight progression. It’s a good sign that you responded well for the first 5 days, but you may need to mix it up a bit and try a few combinations of things to put it away.

For starters, I’d use the Anxiety & Panic Attack imagery, which is more targeted to what you’re dealing with. That’s here. It offers several brief, simple relaxation exercises, plus some guided imagery and affirmations specifically for panic attacks.

In addition, when people are working on eliminating or even reducing the frequency and intensity of panic attacks, some will benefit from temporarily taking an anti-anxiety medication to support their progress.

Others add a standard Cognitive Behavioral Treatment protocol for panic attacks. I would encourage you to incrementally build up your tool kit and eventually throw every tool, technique and trick in the book at this condition; and to be patient with yourself and the therapeutic approaches, because it takes a while, with ups and downs. But it is definitely possible for you to make serious, life-changing headway with this. So don’t give up!!

All best,

This next query comes from a woman with a friend dying of cancer. She wants to know what kind of guided imagery to get her…

Here’s Lydia:

My dear friend had a heart attack recently and while in the hospital for that, she was also diagnosed with lung cancer. (This is on top of the COPD that has been compromising her lungs for years).

I have used your Guided Imagery tapes for several years and they are excellent.

Which tapes would you recommend for my friend? They have given her less than 6 months to live.

Thank you,

A: Very sorry, Lydia.

My recommendation would depend on whether she wants to fight the cancer or accept her prognosis. If the former, then she might want to listen to our imagery for cancer or associated audios if she’s being treated with chemo or radiation – I assume probably not.

If she’s looking to accept her diagnosis and get more comfortable with any pain or discomfort with her breathing, then she might want to try the imagery for easing pain, reducing & relieving painrelaxation/stress reduction, or sleep.

And if she wants to deal with all of that and prepare for her death, the hospice/palliative care imagery would be a good one to try.

I wouldn’t get them all at once – that could be very overwhelming and turn her off the whole enterprise. I’d just deal with it issue by issue, starting with what matters most to her first.

My best wishes to you both.


Next is a question from someone with psoriasis – a condition that’s particularly receptive to guided imagery and hypnosis. Here’s Jesse:

Dear Belleruth,

I’ve been looking at all your GI products with great interest and trying to find one to help with treating psoriasis.

I read the description for the one on Healthy Immune System, but am not sure it would be suitable, as it is an autoimmune condition, so my immune system doesn’t need a boost - quite the opposite! It’s on overdrive and needs some regulating.

I haven’t tried GI yet, so would really appreciate some guidance.

Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you.

A: Dear Jesse,

Guided imagery for allergies would address your autoimmune issues with psoriasis. We have 2 audio programs for allergies.

One is by a Harvard-based health psychologist and researcher, Dr. Carol Ginandes, and it has several powerful exercises to help you manage and reduce your symptoms.

And the other is guided imagery and affirmations by me

Feel free to go to each product page and read the descriptions, check out the reviews, and most importantly, listen to the sound samples, so you can judge for yourself how the voice, content and style suit you personally.

Best of luck. Generally speaking, psoriasis responds well to these mind-body techniques, and the research is very positive. Let me know how it goes!

All best,

And here’s a basic question about our new app that we’re seeing a lot of.

Here’s Michael:

What is the difference between your new app and the one I already have? If I stick with the old HJ Player app, can I continue to order and download the MP3s as I have been? I have a selection that I am happy with and may or may not need to purchase more in the future.

PS. How much does the new app cost?

A: Dear Michael,

Our old HJ Player app only allows you to download audios that you’ve already purchased on our website, and it's only available on iOS.

The new app is subscription-based, and it’s available for either Apple or Android users. You can choose your subscription plan, and for a very low fee, you can access any of our 250 audio offerings, plus get exclusive first access to new audios before they’re released to the general public. There are other special features as well.

Subscriptions cost as little as $4.99/month to a max of $79.99/yr.

All best,

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