Hello again.

People have been asking when and where I’ll be speaking next.  I’ve cut down the amount of public talks I’ve been doing – mainly because I’ve got a lot of compellingly delicious grandkids to visit, plus there’s some serious travel-for-fun I want to get to, while I’m still a pretty spry and energetic dame.  

So I’ve slowed down on my speaking.  But I don’t plan to stop, and besides, there’s always the handy webinar and teleseminar, where you can give a talk or workshop to a national or international audience, and still stay at home.  How fabulous and amazing is that, I ask you?  

(The interview taped by NICABM with Ruth Buczynski on combat trauma, for instance, reached over 8,000 people around the world on its first go-round – far more than I could ever hope for - and that was done at my desk at home.)

In any case, it looks like I may be speaking in person about guided imagery in the Cleveland area, at the Year of Vitality Author Series this summer, sponsored by the Greater Cleveland Sports Commission, Parker Hannifin and the Cuyahoga County Public Libraries.  I think we’re looking at an evening in June in Brecksville, Ohio, but stay tuned for confirmation and final details to follow. We’ll post all of this on the events calendar.

And on June 22, I’ll be in Milford, Ohio (near Dayton) speaking to a group of plucky folks who call themselves Cancer Thrivers, on the many ways guided imagery can be used to help fight cancer, live with cancer, deal with the stress and side effects of diagnosis and treatment, and forge a joyful, productive, fulfilling post-cancer life.  It will be at the Jesuit Spiritual Center in Milford.

I’m also recording two webinars for our military and veterans, one on Downloading Treatment for Posttraumatic Stress: Digitally Delivered, Evidence-Based Tools for Self-Administered Healing; and another on Lessons Learned from Treating Combat Trauma: Military Culture, Imagery and Healing. This is part of a Military Health Care Series put together by the IDGA – Institute for Defense and Government Advancement, and it will be available to all manner of military and civilian health care providers on their website for several months.

We’ll be posting all this, plus my fall schedule on our events calendar, so stay tuned for more detailed information.  

Also, I want to mention that May 5th is the deadline for submitting an article for the June issue of Imaginews, the beautiful professional journal published by Imagery International. The theme is Magic.  So if you’re a clinician with story to tell about a magical experience with a client, this is your chance.  You can send it directly to editor Beth Hollander at [email protected].

Also, I should remind you that their annual conference, also with the theme of The Magic of Imagery, is scheduled for October 4-6 at Mercy Center in Burlingame, CA, so mark those dates on your calendar.  

Don’t forget to check out our new Health Journeys Blog. This week, Maggie DeMellier tells the tale of her recent surgery.

Okay, that’s it.  Do take care and be well.

All best,