Belleruth is asked for suggestions for help with supporting healthy boundaries, developing self-love and connecting to divine source, and she recommends CDs by David Illig, Suzanne Scurlock, Lynne Newman... Belleruth,
Do you have a CD that works specifically with boundary issues, including affirmations for healthy boundaries? I am also looking for one on further developing self-love and connection to source as a primary connection. What do you suggest?
Thank you!

Dear Nora,
Our Relaxation and Wellness imagery, which works with the central image of a cushion of energy that surrounds and protects the listener, insulating him/her from whatever they don’t want or need, is good boundary-reinforcing imagery, and I often suggest it for these purposes. Also, Suzanne Scurlock-Durana’s Release & Renewal: Healing from the Core uses energy moving exercises and the breath to achieve the same effect.

For self-love, there’s David Illig’s excellent Self Esteem CD or my Self-Confidence CD. And for connection to Source, Lynne Newman‘s Song of the Soul, or Healing Circle will be just what you’re looking for.

We have lots more, but these are good places to start.
Good luck and best wishes,