Season’s Greetings, everyone!

All of us at Health Journeys are wishing you a joyous and stress-free holiday season – or at least as much as is realistically attainable!  (How’s that for assuming nothing?) And that includes our hopes for a new year that’s filled with joy, love, creativity, health and many satisfying new adventures.  

My own new year’s resolutions are as follows (writing this down and making it public might be just the right move to seal my intention and my fate!:

  1. Further work on being present and feeling grateful – some people say you can never be too rich or too thin.  I say you can never be too present or too grateful.)

  2. Continued multiple rotations as the MBU (Mobile Bubbe Unit), to enjoy the company of the Xtreme cute-niks my kids had the good sense to produce, and to help out with babysitting, cooking, bottle washing and sometimes (but rarely and fecklessly) cleaning.

  3. Continuing with biweekly Gyrotonic lessons – best damned thing for lengthening the spine, opening the joints, gaining core strength, flexibility and balance!  Wow!  A mere 2 lessons did more for a twice-injured hip than 6 months of physical therapy. I’m beyond impressed - I’m ecstatic.

  4. Pressing on with healthier eating.  Yes, I’ve gotten into the deliberate hunting and gathering of stuff like kale, quinoa, blueberries and the like - which can be pretty tasty when prepared right – and I want to keep it up. 

  5. I want to get even more guided imagery to our troops and our vets.  We’ve made great progress this past year, I’m happy to report, but I’m looking for more!  We’ve got a simple, inexpensive, portable and user-friendly method that can alleviate a lot of suffering, and that the troops will actually use. And, since it looks like our country is going to be in the war business for a while longer, all the more reason to keep it up.

  6. Continuing to connect with old friends, family and new friends too – last year was a great year for the gonzo reunion and this year will be as well.  Reunions create a delicious opportunity to reflect on where you’ve been. as they help you pull together various threads from different chunks of your life – you get to see what grew you to this moment.  Profound.  And fun.

  7. More traveling, partying, charitable giving and soaking up theater, art and great flicks.  The fun stuff, in other words.

So, I guess that’s about it.  What are yours?  Do not hold back. Please post and inspire us!

Happy New Year, from me and the whole gang at HJ!