Best Guided Imagery for Bulimia?

We just got this message on Facebook and found it very timely, being as how our very own Traci Stein's new guided imagery/hypnosis title, Healthy Weight and Body Image, is soon to be released.

Check it out:

Hi Belleruth,
I use your guided imagery all the time, but wondering which one you would recommend for a client of mine who has bulimia.
I would like to get her this as a gift to help.
Thank you. Happy new year.

traci-stein-recordingFunny you should ask! Psychologist Traci Stein has created a terrific new imagery/hypnosis program on Healthy Weight & Body Image (I know it's terrific because I was in the studio when she recorded it).

It's being prepared for production even as we speak. It addresses eating disorders, including bulimia, and body image issues beautifully, with Traci's usual skill, subtlety, depth and finesse.

With any luck, it should be ready in download format by early February, and as a packaged CD by the end of that month. So stay tuned. Who knows? With a little luck, it will get done sooner.

That's the best choice I can recommend for someone dealing with bulimia. Relaxation and Wellness would be a nice accompaniment, for general de-stressing and relaxation. So if you don't want to wait, she could start with this – it would give her some self-soothing skills if she listens regularly. Then when the Healthy Weight audio is ready, she'll have greater capacity for benefitting from it.

Another fine alternate would be Traci's Self-Esteem and Self-Esteem during Sleep audios. And, believe it or not, the imagery on our Weight Loss title has some great guidance for re-inhabiting the body and learning to appreciate and admire it, so that could be a good one to throw in there, too. (A lot of people with eating disorders get it for all the wrong reasons, but are helped by it anyway ☺.)

Hope this helps.

All best,