Bobby’s Toolbox: Creating Meaning Out of Grievous Loss

We got this touching, inspiring note from Kelly, whose husband, died at a very young age -  33 - from a very difficult kind of cancer.   

Many new widows would have needed to just stay put and grieve for two to three years – sometimes that’s exactly what is needed and the essence of sound self-care and deep wisdom, to just stay put and heal.  

But Kelly had a “call to action” that was the right thing for her, and a great help to others. Check out how she created “Bobby’s Toolbox”, to honor the memory of her carpenter husband and provide help to others.  Here is her note:   

My husband Bobby passed away from cancer 3 years ago at age 33. He had a difficult journey and I tried my best to be there for him. 

One thing that offered us both some comfort was a meditation CD that we listened to together. 

In his honor, I've set up what I call "Bobby's Toolbox" (he was a carpenter) at the 2 clinics where he received chemotherapy and radiation treatments. 

With the help of friends and family, I try to provide patients with some helpful items, like unscented lotion, journals, recipes, nutrition drinks, essential oils and your Health Journeys Fight Cancer and Chemotherapy meditation CDs. 

We've kept the toolboxes filled for almost 2 years. It's been very rewarding and well received by patients. I buy as many CDs as I can, but they are a patient favorite and always go quickly. 

I would love to be able to offer them to more patients. I was wondering if I could buy them at a discounted price if I purchased a larger number at one time. 

I sincerely appreciate you considering my request. Know that your CDs offer peace and comfort to many, many people. Thank you.

Name: Kelly Wesley
Email: [email protected]

[Ed. Note: Kelly was put in touch with our professional relations coordinator, Elizabeth Hauser ([email protected] or 800-800-8661), and she made sure Kelly got a substantial discount for quantity purchases for this program.]

If you want to contribute to Kelly’s project, please email her at [email protected]/.

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