A breast cancer survivor has a spontaneous imagery experience, where a persistent, unlikely little warrior - a funky, kooky little girl with wings - emerges from her imagination to teach her about healing… Belleruth,

I first learned about your books and guided imagery four years ago when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I happened to be walking through Borders in Westlake when you were talking about one of your books. I wasn’t able to stay for your entire segment but what I did hear got me interested.

I purchased your book on guided imagery right after I had the surgery to remove the tumor. I began to practice every day while I was home recuperating. Not only did it help me to relax and heal from the surgery, it began to prepare me for the battle I was about to face with the chemotherapy. I can’t thank you enough for sharing your work on guided imagery, I believe it saved my life.

I decided that I needed a warrior or some form of a courageous hero to help me fight the cancerous cells when the chemo would enter my bloodstream. Each time I closed my eyes to imagine this character, I saw this funny, kooky, little girl with wings. I kept asking her to leave but she was persistent about being there. I tried on several occasions to find "my warrior". Instead, she appeared wearing a snorkel mask and carrying a small vacuum cleaner. Behind her was the strangest looking gang of children armed with brooms, erasers, and vacuum cleaners . I thought I was going crazy.

Somewhere along the way, I came to believe she could help me. I just didn’t understand at that moment that we were really on a journey to heal my spirit. She taught me a lot of things and continues to guide me. Now it’s time for me to share my story and what I have learned with others. I would like to put my story into a book for young girls. I want to teach young girls how to use guided imagery to go inside to find their gifts and bring those gifts into the world.