A woman who was unfairly fired from her job so the boss’s girlfriend could replace her, finds a Buddhist prayer that helps her let go with obsessive preoccupation and resentment.. Dear BR,

Last year, in spite of working effectively and conscientiously at my job for 2 years, I was unfairly fired for bogus reasons and replaced by my boss’s girlfriend. I explored legal recourse, but found I had none.

I obsessed for months with thoughts of getting even, getting reinstated, validated and vindicated. I fantasized about doing really bad things to my ex-boss, my replacement and even my ex-co-workers. I couldn’t sleep. I was worked up, day and night. The quality of my life was ruined, and I was having trouble finding a new job, because I was so preoccupied with the old one. My friends worried about me.

A good friend took me aside and gave me a little prayer card. No lectures, no pep-talks, just a little fold-out prayer card, with a different prayer for each day of the week from different traditions. I started saying one of the prayers every day, many times a day. It came from the Buddhist tradition. Here it is:

I am peace.
Surrounded by peace.
Secure in peace.
Peace protects me.
Peace supports me.
Peace is in me.
Peace is mine -
All is well.

Peace to all beings.
Peace from all beings.
I am steeped in peace.
Absorbed in peace.
In the streets, at our work,
Having peaceful thoughts,
Peaceful words,
Peaceful acts.

I repeated this prayer in the morning and the evening and whenever my thoughts turned to how I had been injured and mistreated. At first it felt false. I could not connect to the meaning of the words. But I persisted somehow. After a couple of weeks, I could sense a change was taking place within me. I was softening. It felt really good to start to let go.

I continue with my prayer every day. Part of me is amazed that such a simple meditation could help so powerfully. BR, you would say it’s a "positive brainwashing" that’s taking place. I decided to write about it, because there is too much anger and resentment in this world.

I have 2 job interviews this coming week. Wish me luck.

Lucy C.