From psychotherapist Susan P:
I led a support group with women who were experiencing challenging fertility issues. I played a smattering of relaxation audio programs from my library, each of the weeks we met, to give them a flavor of how they could use their powerful minds to help alter their injured vision of themselves and their bodies, after all they had been through.

In addition, I introduced them to polarity and craniosacral therapy. One of the practitioners in my practice offers this treatment as a way to expand energy channels and resolve blockages.

Vicky (not her real name), who had endured several heartbreaking miscarriages of hard-won pregancies in the past, took advantage of this treatment (4-6 times). The practitioner said she was able to identify some of the "body memories" that Vicky held from childhood that may have been interfering with her ability to get pregnant and retain pregnancies (she had had 4 miscarriages in all).

She also enjoyed weekly massages, plus the support of the group, of course, and the relaxation audios. She again became pregnant in an IVF cycle several months ago.  Although there have been scares, she is now in her 6th month and due in October. I hesitate to say it, but it looks like it’s going to happen (knock, knock for luck!).
I know that there is no proof of any causal factors here, but given the prolonged history of the difficulties she endured plus the timing of everything, I am convinced there was a connection to her using these non-traditional therapies and her success so far.  Send good thoughts her way!!  

Susan P.