A woman with a 25-year-old daughter with developmental disabilities wonders if the Self-Confidence audio can help her, given the fact that she may not comprehend some the sophisticated language in it.. Dear Belleruth:

I recently had the opportunity to hear you speak at the Therapeutic Touch conference in Toronto and purchased several CD''s. My daughter is 25 and has serious learning disabilities. I played your CD for Self-Confidence that I am listening to as well. As she has developmental difficulties, I am not sure if the comprehension is there to take it all in, and I am wondering if any of your other CD''s use simpler language that would be helpful to her. She has many fears. I will continue to try the other CD''s that I purchased, as I know that you had mentioned that tone of voice and music are more important than the actual words. So I am sure her subconscious probably picks up something. Please advise and thank you.

Dear R,

Most of the Health Journeys CD’s use pretty sophisticated language. However, just as you say, your daughter should be able to capture the essence of the meaning anyway. It comes through, even if some of the 50-cent words are lost. We’ve found that even very young children get the basic message. The Magic Island CD is great, but would probably be too childish for her and you’d run the risk of insulting her (even though I, for one, love listening to it). Let me know how it goes.