Can Guided Imagery Help Attract a New Job?


My son has been out of work for almost a year. He is a production artist. He had started working right after school and after a year they lost a client. He has had interviews but nothing so far. He loves that job. He now works part time as a cook until he finds something in his field. He went back to school for three months to learn web design. Can you suggest a CD to attract work? He will listen to it on his iPod.

Worried Mom

Dear W.M.,

It's a hard thing to lose work, let alone work you love. So much of our identity is bound up in employment, not to mention financial sustenance, daily structure, friendship, social life and sense of purpose. If he also loved what he was doing, the loss is enormous.

And it's really hard to keep up your energy and enthusiasm while looking for a job, when, in the face of such loss, you have to face multiple job interviews, where the whole point is to demonstrate your worth to new people who don't know you from a hole in the wall.

That said, I have to tell you I'm not a big fan of meditations that claim to attract jobs, love, money, fame or health – it just seems like so much "spiritual materialism" to me and counter-productive on many levels.

Imagery and meditation help us make shifts and changes on the inside, not the externals. I do think that when we're in alignment internally, things can come to us more easily and in just the right way.

But our job is to get our inner house in order, not to pray for goodies showered upon us from the outside. The Universe will do its end in its own way, and that may or may not look like what we had in mind!

But there is imagery to help people deal with the discouragement of losing a job and to support self-esteem, confidence and openness to new opportunities during a job search. Lynn Joseph has an excellent workbook of imagery–based exercises called The Job Loss Recovery Program. I would recommend that for him.

For more support, there's Martha Howard's Keys to Your Highest Potential, David Illig's or Traci Stein's Self-Esteem, or my own Self-Confidence & Peak Performance CD. Any of those could be quite helpful as well.

Please give him my best and keep conveying your genuine respect and admiration for him during this difficult phase – it's a tough time, as you well know.

All best,