Can Guided Imagery Help with Asperger’s?

We got this question about a son with Asperger’s who gets very agitated from unexpected events or any changes in his routine. Sometimes he becomes so distressed that he hides. This mom wonders if guided imagery can help…. 


I have a son with Asperger's Syndrome. He gets very agitated with changes in his routine and unknown events. Sometimes his anxiety gets so extreme that he hides. I have been reading about the vagus nerve and how deep breathing can help. Do you have a suggestion for a guided meditation for extreme anxiety? 



Dear Pamela,

Yes, our Help with Panic Attacks audio program has several exercises for extreme anxiety, including one for deep breathing; and another for repeating a comforting phrase; and some others, too. I would give that audio program a try, introducing it to him when he's NOT upset, and have him use it as a daily practice, so he can get skillful and automatic with it. 

Then, when he's upset, he'll have his own self-soothing practice to apply to the situation. 

Do try to take care not to lock it into one rigid routine, lest he refuse to use it on ‘off’ times! You want him to have this to use when he’s distressed. On the other hand, if he makes it part of a routine and it helps him, that’s better than not using it at all!

If you find he likes it and gets comfort from it, you might want to introduce him to some others, but I'd start with this one.

Hope this helps. Good luck.

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