Can Guided Imagery Help With Glaucoma?


I've used your imagery for surgery and one illness. I truly believe it was helpful to me. Is there anything for glaucoma? I don't see it in your lists so I'm not sure this kind of condition is amenable to imagery. I'm hoping you might have some way to approach this. I'm not able to control it with medication any longer and I hope to avoid tricky, problematic surgery.

Thanks for any insight you may be able to share. - Corinne

Dear Corinne,

I'm sorry, but we don¹t have anything for glaucoma. I've never come across any research showing that guided imagery is effective for it, but that doesn¹t mean it isn't. I just don¹t know. We tend to make titles on topics that we get a lot of requests for, or that allopathic medicine has no effective solutions for, or that research shows guided imagery is helpful for, or some combination of all 3 factors.

That said, the imagery in General Wellness is designed to cover all conditions in a general way, from the cellular level of removing old, useless or destructive cells and replacing them with fresh, healthy new ones.

What you might want to do is find an interactive guided imagery practitioner to work with you privately for a few sessions. That way you'd get a targeted approach that's personalized to you and your own condition, and you'd get a sense pretty quickly if any progress is getting made. You could do this long distance (over the phone or through FaceTime, Zoom or Skype etc) or you could find a practitioner in your area.

Both the Academy for Guided Imagery and Imagery International have directories of certified practitioners by state.

You might also want to check the success rates of surgeons in your area. If a doc has a great track record, you may just want to go the standard route and be done with it. I know the thought of eye surgery can be pretty disconcerting, but it may make the most sense in the long run. (I'd take it over back surgery, that's for sure!)

Best of luck with this. Let me know how it turns out.