Can Guided Imagery Help with the Devastating Loss of a Beloved Wife?

A man suffering from clinical depression and anxiety since the loss of his beloved wife two years ago, wonders if guided imagery can help him, along with the counseling he’s already getting. Here is his question and our answer:


I am taking EMDR with a counselor as part of grief treatment. I lost my beloved wife two years ago July. 

I have your excellent CD on cancer (I had a cancer scare myself, but am cancer-free, praise the Lord.)

What CDs or other materials do you recommend for grief?  I have suffered with clinical anxiety and depression because of my wife's death. Therapy has helped a lot, but I love guided imagery.

Before I heard yours, I didn't think it would help. Instead it helped a lot. Thank you for any tips on your CDs.

Charles H.


Dear Charles,

My condolences to you for your loss. These things take time and seem to bend time, don't they? if the loss just happened and, at the same time, has been going on forever. 

I'm glad  guided imagery has been a help to you in the past. That makes it likely that it will continue to serve you well now, too.

I recommend you try Ease Grief, specifically designed to help with grieving, loss and bereavement. 

It was written to contain within it the basic, human psychological and spiritual pathway for ultimately coming to peace with devastating loss: the gradual process of incorporating images of the lost loved one into the heart, where we can then carry them around with us forever.

Another audio that doesn't exactly fit the circumstances, but has very useful imagery for healing grief and loss just the same, is our guided meditation for Heartbreak, Abandonment & Betrayal.

Additionally, there is a Bible-based imagery audio for Grief by Reverend Donna Shenk and Robert Miller ND, called Tranquilities, which you may find appealing. It has background hymn music and uses passages from Psalms. 

All best, 

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