Can I Get Your New 12 Step Audio Downloaded to a Phone?

Dear BR,

I have been using your CDs for over 15 years & swear by them. A friend of my daughter is 7 days sober. She is a phone person, so I would like to know if the MP3 is to be downloaded on to a phone or should I get her an MP3 player. Old school here, but I think she would really benefit listening to your new Dr. Leviton guided imagery.

Many thank yous,


Hey, T.

Thanks. And hats off. You're a thoughtful Mom, to be thinking about the welfare of your daughter’s friend in this way! Has she had any experience with AA or the 12 steps?

Yes, the MP3 can be downloaded to a phone – Android or IOS. If there are any questions, Cheryl, Abby or Delaney are here at 800-800-8661 to answer questions.

(We’re about to have a very simple app that makes this a no-brainer, but it’s not quite ready for prime time yet. But we can walk you or her through it if you run into any snags!)

All best,