Can’t I Please Just Love My Cancer Cells to Death?

A certain percentage of people dealing with cancer don’t like or can’t relate to aggressive cellular imagery that envisions immune cells going to war against cancer cells and zapping them into oblivion, even though that’s more or less what happens inside the body on any given day. This woman, undergoing treatment for Stage 4 breast cancer, wants to know if there are gentle images she can use, and if so, what...


Is there a cd for staying well with guided imagery? I have Stage 4 breast cancer with metastasis to the spine, hips, ribs and femur. I want gentle guided images - fighting wars against cancer cells is not an image that works for me.

I am inclined to fill my body with healing light and feeling love pour into me and surround the cancer cells so they stop growing and want to leave my body, as there is nothing in me to feed unwellness. Thank you for your time.


Dear Kathleen,

Many people feel as you do, and find accurate, cellular imagery to be too aggressive and battle-oriented for their value systems or personal comfort. For this reason, I suggest you don't bother with cellular imagery at all, because the process is, necessarily and actually quite warlike and destructive. Cancer cells don't leave without being zapped and dissolved first. And you don't want to interfere with your body's natural process of getting rid of cancer cells, by trying to superimpose 'loving those cancer cells' over what actually happens in your body.

Instead, why not just surround yourself with love, protection, support, encouragement? That beefs up immune function and provides emotional and spiritual uplift, too. So by all means, fill your body with healing light and feel love pouring into you, but please nix the part about nourishing the cancer cells with loving energy. 

You can find imagery that suits you better in our Relaxation & Wellness imagery; and in our General Wellness imagery. 

Those would be my suggestions for guided imagery.  There are many ways to achieve the same goal.  You certainly don't have to turn yourself into a fighting machine if you're not built that way; but don't interfere with your body's natural, built-in genius at taking care of itself, either.

Best of luck to you with your treatment and healing.

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