Can You Recommend a Guided Imagery Program to Help with Kidney Dialysis?

Health Journeys' Meditation to Help with Dialysis was researched and written with the help of patients and staff from the Center for Dialysis Care in Cleveland, OH, and it's used by DaVita and Fresenius dialysis centers.

 Dear Belleruth,
What is the best guided imagery audio program for someone undergoing dialysis for failed kidneys?

Hi, Josephine,
We actually have a guided meditation created specifically to accompany dialysis.  You can find it here.
It's designed to ease discomfort, lower anxiety and fatigue, and reduce possible psychological side effects associated with hemodialysis, while increasing energy, hope and positive mood.
Other titles of ours that can be alternated with this audio include our guided imagery meditation for staying Relaxed & Awake during Medical Procedures and our audio program Healthful Sleep, to encourage getting some restorative sleep during the procedure.
I'd start with one to see if you like it and respond to it.  Then, if you do, try some others to alternate with it, just for variety and to suit your mood and needs at the time.
All best wishes,

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Bellruth Naparstek