A grateful wife of a husband diagnosed with terminal cancer thanks BR for leading her to Henry Dreher, an extraordinary health researcher and cancer guide, who finds a way out of the deadly prognosis given them.


Dear Health Journeys,

My husband was diagnosed with cancer of unknown primary origin in February of 2005. His oncologist and other physicians gave us no hope and only offered palliative chemotherapy (basically a death sentence, as far as we were concerned).

I bought your cancer guided imagery CD''s, which my husband began to use immediately. I also contacted a friend, Pat Culliton, who directs the Integrative Medicine Division at Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis, and she assured me that this guided imagery was the best "out there."

I then went on Belleruth’s web site and read about her husband''s lung cancer and her advice about dealing with a cancer diagnosis . I began following this advice immediately. She talked about Henry Dreher and his cancer guide services.

I called Henry, and he told me we had so much to be hopeful for. He researched my husband''s disease, which was very rare, because of the cell type and location. We were told that only three cases of his disease existed in the US. We followed all of Henry’s recommendations, and nine months later my husband was cancer free (PET/CT scan). He saved my husband''s life.

I am a master''s level RN and have been practicing for many years. Never have I seen such an amazing turn-around. I want to thank Belleruth and Health Journeys for leading me to all that saved my husband''s life. I am very grateful, and would like to communicate with her to let her know how important this was to us.