We got this email from the son of a 72 year old widow who was newly diagnosed with cancer and introduced to guided imagery by a nurse offering a free CD from GlaxoSmithkline .. My 72 year old widowed mother was diagnosed with cancer three years ago. She is a very brave, stoic person and so she took the news with external calm. However, she was frightened on the inside. My sisters and I noticed that she became forgetful and agitated over small things, and that she lost her ability to concentrate.

A nurse gave her a free CD of guided imagery for chemotherapy at the start of her treatments. I believe it was produced by Glaxo 1. This gave her back her equanimity, plus. She became peaceful in a way she had not been since the death of my father. She listened faithfully and it changed her whole attitude.

Now, three years later, she is doing great. She has since gotten other guided imagery CDs and uses them as her daily meditation to ensure she stays well. She has not only maintained her positive attitude, she continues to improve and enjoy life. My sisters and I are delighted.

She asked me to email you all and tell you thank you. Being an obedient son, I am doing just that. Thank you.

David Alpern

1 This is our guided imagery for chemotherapy, produced and distributed free by GlaxoSmithkline since 1993. We gratefully acknowledge them for taking the lead on this at a time when guided imagery was a fairly unknown quantity. They have given out over 350,000 chemotherapy audios to people who otherwise may never have benefited from the technique.