Caregiver Stress… And Then Some….

This is a note of thanks.  I am a woman in my early 50s, experiencing a rough patch in my family.  Just to give you the scope of what I deal with, my husband has early onset Parkinson’s.  My youngest son has learning disabilities.  He has been struggling with college courses, low self-esteem and depression.  My mother suffers from moderate dementia – she is in assisted living and I know I will need to move her soon.


On top of this, I am already a caregiver. I work as a med-surg nurse - that is the easiest, most enjoyable part of my day.  I first learned about your work at my job, actually.  My hospital gives out your surgery recordings to patients.

I am writing to thank you for the guided meditations.  I listen for 5-10 minute stretches at a time to General Wellness and Caregiver Stress when I can, to relax and regroup.  These brief rest periods get me centered and focused.  I need to stay strong for a lot of people for a long time.  You have helped me do that with these excellent tools.


Alice M.

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