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  1. Lessons Learned from Caring for My Husband


    I have attended a couple of your programs. At the one in Virginia and the Washington DC area, you mentioned some tips for the caregiver for your loved one with cancer.

    It was a listing of 'helpful hints' for people/family who are impacted by the diagnosis of life-threatening cancer - i.e. setting boundaries with others who want to share their story...etc.

    Would you be so kind as to repeat this?  As an oncology nurse manager, I have to assist the caregiver as well as the person with cancer during this process, and I thought what you were speaking about would be a help to them and their journey.

    Thank you and be well


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  2. Easing Caregiver Stress during Chemo

    I listened to your guided imagery program for Caregiver Stress for months as I walked an arduous path with my dearest love of 40 years, as she contended with the stresses and strains of chemotherapy for ovarian cancer.  It was not easy.  She is now thankfully in remission.  

    Voice, music and words provided exactly what I needed, and therefore what we needed.  The intense fear, doubt, suffering, emotional exhaustion etc etc of the care partner is unacknowledged, ignored, swept under the rug.

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  3. x

    Hello again!

    We’ve been culling and sorting through boxloads o’ goodies, to bring you a carefully curated list of brilliant new titles. Check them out, for holiday gift giving and beyond!

    For starters, our team went over our last survey very carefully, deciding I should make two new guided imagery audios that addressed a couple of highly requested topics – imagery to help with Heartbreak, Abandonment and Betrayal; and imagery to help connect with a Spiritual Guide. As usual, your generosity with feedback, personal experiences, suggestions and general input were invaluable. Thank you again for that.

    We’re always delighted to bring you another inspiring new Lynne Newman title, Divine Alchemy – she’s outdone herself with this compelling meditation on surmounting difficulties and transforming daily living. Tara Brach’s Meditations for Emotional Healing applies heart-based mindfulness to reach similar ends, in equally beautiful ways.

    Sharon Salzberg also leads heart-based meditation with her rich gem of a CD, Guided Meditations for Love and Wisdom. KRS Edstrom has a new guided mindfulness experience, Everyday Meditation, which focuses on body awareness and sensation – a wonderful way to achieve a calm sense of embodied groundedness.

    And I love the way Rick Jarow’s Alchemy of Abundance – a book and CD set – addresses the topic of getting what you need with unusual depth, sophistication, heart and spirit.

    The ingenious Carol Ginandes has a new CD set and booklet that brings you the Ultimate Power Nap for Rapid Rest & Renewal – an impeccable use of hypnosis to teach restorative napping to produce invigorated, joyful days.

    For taking charge of your dreams while you sleep, not to mention wrestling nightmares to the ground, we have none other than Stephen LaBerge himself offering his ground-breaking meditations and book on Lucid Dreaming.

    We were thrilled to find – finally! – some truly stellar guided imagery for chemical dependency and addiction, thanks to Chuck and Patti Leviton’s Inner Peace, Outward Power – perfectly designed meditations on each of the 12 steps, to enhance any recovery program.

    And to boost the impact of a weight loss or fitness program, David Illig, has come up with a very unique, deep learning protocol with RightMind Weight Loss – one audio for listening awake and another for sleeping – to send strong, positive, healthy, hypnotic messages deep into the mind, through alternating sides of the brain.

    Sing Song Yoga by Deb Weiss-Gelmi is a uniquely enchanting yoga video, where she sings rhyming instructions to real kids – in a beautiful voice – making everything easy to follow and remember. Parents and teachers will go crazy for this.

    Nurse practitioner Donna Carrico has come up with some excellent imagery that targets common gynecological complaints with her Guided Imagery to Enhance Healing for Women with Pelvic Pain, Interstitial Cystitis or Vulvodynia.

    And speaking of pain, we discovered a super effective, greaseless gel for muscle aches called Sombra, and it’s so good, we decided to offer it after it soothed and healed several of us with sore joints, achy shoulders and pesky injuries. The stuff’s simply amazing, and we figure everyone should have it!

    Don’t forget to check out our holiday gift baskets – we’ve got some very special combinations that bring together the best of the new with some of your very favorite oldies.

    Take care and be well!


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