Caring for the Caretakers  with Nursing Education Specialists

Nursing is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world – but it’s also one of the most demanding. Nurses are under constant pressure to learn new skills, keep old ones fresh, and pass tests proving their expertise and competence.

NES Associates, LTD (Nursing Education Specialists) helps ease that pressure with high-quality accredited training and continuing education programs that range from medication management to certification review and preparation. It develops and constantly updates its courses to make sure they deliver what nurses need - but that's just the beginning.

NES Associates also goes the extra mile with support: helping hospitals and medical offices choose which courses to offer, tailoring the syllabus to meet the nursing staff’s needs, and even creating a customized training schedule to make sure the training happens at times and locations that are as convenient as possible for as many nurses as possible.

After the last two years of COVID-19 stress, CEO Judy L. Vallarelli MS, RN, APRN, BC realized that NES Associates could do even more to support the nurses it serves. “They desperately need relaxation and stress reduction,” she points out. “Although it’s always been needed, the pandemic made it critical.”

That’s why the training company is also helping nurses fight burnout and charge up their emotional batteries with guided meditations from Health Journeys. When someone registers for a training or continuing education course through NES Associates, they also get access to a customized web page streaming a selection of Health Journeys meditations. Each one is five minutes or less – easy for nurses to squeeze into their busy schedules, but still extremely effective at helping them lower stress, improve sleep, boost resilience, and even reduce test anxiety.

Best of all, this doesn’t just support nurses. It also fits neatly into NES Associates’ mission of delivering cutting edge education, training, and support for the advancement of health care. Because as nurses experience the proven benefits of guided imagery themselves, they also learn to share it with their patients. And that creates a powerful ripple effect of mind/body health and improved outcomes.

NES Associates