Hello again.

I know it’s early, but then again, so is Thanksgivukkah - that weird, once-every 70,000 years convergence of the first night of Hanukkah with Thanksgiving Day.

Our fabulous team in Akron has put together and discounted some terrific new holiday gift goodies, designed to save you stress in the giving, and to save the lucky recipient stress in the getting.
We’ll do all the arranging, combining, wrapping, fluffing and mailing, and we’ll include your personal note.  Or you could make it really simple and just send one of our new, all-purpose gift card

But back to the new gift packs:

For starters, there’s our gorgeous, eminently useful Holiday Self-Healing Pack, featuring the evergreen and ever-popular imagery on the General Wellness CD, Chris Theriault’s beautiful, uplifting Relaxation & Recovery music CD, and the awesome Karen Kowal’s comforting and aromatic Little Heartbeat Pillow**, plus a special bonus with our chamomile and lemon grass-scented Peaceful Mind Candle. This perfect little de-stressing pack is now holiday priced at $20 off - $47.98, as opposed to the normal pricing of $67.98.     
And for your favorite stressed-out kid, age 6 and up, we have a honey of a gift pack – our Kid’s Relaxation Station designed to help children 6 and up learn to manage strong impulses and emotions (anger, disappointment, frustration or jealousy).  It combines two primo favorites: Mellisa Dormoy’s Relaxed & In Control guided imagery CD,  along with Tami Peckham’s wonderful I Am the Sky!. And as a bonus, we’re throwing in an adorable, soft and snuggly little stuffed animal*, all in a holiday gift box. Normally $38.94, this is now sale priced at $27.95.  

The Teen’s Empowering Holiday Set is a perfectly designed toolkit to help older kids renew and reboot for the new year.  Dr. Traci Stein’s Self-Esteem during Sleep CD silences worries, self-criticism, and outside pressures during sleep. The Shambala Stress Management for Teens CD builds inner strength, poise, relaxation, coping skills and a realistically positive attitude. As a bonus, we’re throwing in our 100% pure essential Lavender Oil – all in a festive holiday box. Normally $45.22, this power-packed set is sale priced at $33.95.

We also have a wonderful new Kids’ Cope & Heal Pack, to help children under pressure connect with their own inner resources and strengths; and a Children’s Soothe & Focus Pack, with something for little ones through grade school, to help with sleep and concentration.
So take advantage of these carefully assembled, thoughtful and healing holiday gifts for those you care about!  We’ve put them together and discounted them for you with tender loving care!

All best,