Check out this lovely report we received by email from a new mom in the UK who used guided imagery for three different "labours" (we love that British spelling!) with what she calls "FANTASTIC" results.. We just got this lovely email from a newly delivered Mom from the UK:


I don''t have a question; I just wanted to share my experiences with your tapes with you. I listened to your Successful Labour tapes with each of my three pregnancies. While the first birth was less than what I imagined or hoped for, your tape certainly helped me through the discomfort of back labour and my initial reaction to having to have an epidural.

The last two births were home births, and were FABULOUS. I am so very thankful that I listened to the tape ahead of time. It certainly made a world of difference. During each of my three labours, I remembered bits and pieces of the tape at just the right time, and it helped me to get through each contraction, one at a time. Thank you for your wonderful tapes. I really appreciate your hard work.