A woman with severe health problems wants to know if BR’s Breakthroughs in Healing Trauma: Success Through Guided Imagery and the New Therapies workshop would help her with her discouragement and feelings of hopelessness and if the four workshops being offered this fall in Portland OR, Albuquerque NM, Cape Cod, MA and Palm Springs CA are all the same or different.. Question:

I have severe problems with my health and have been sick for 12+ years. I had been very positive about the outcome, but now I seem to have lost my way. I seem to feel nothing will help - so why bother?? I am wondering if your Healing Trauma workshop would be a good place for me, or might there be another workshop that would be better in the future. Are the workshops all the same or different?

Thank you,


Dear Doris,

First of all, let me say I''m sorry you have to deal with chronic health problems and all the discouragement, frustration and depression that this can engender. Certainly it is understandable that you are feeling hopeless and dead-ended. But do keep in mind that if you''re clinically depressed, one of the symptoms of depression is a feeling of hopelessness and a cognitive distortion that narrows your sense of options and hope. In other words, your hopelessness may or may not be warranted, but if you''re depressed, it could be the depression talkin'', not the medical realities.

It may make sense to sort this out with a good, solid therapist or counselor who can give you a good reality check. If the depression is stubborn and profound, medication might be a huge help to kick-start your motivation and optimism back up. For more ideas and resources on depression, please check our info page on depression at http://healthjourneys.com/depression.asp .

My traumatic stress workshops are basically the same one, offered in different locations (Breakthroughs in Healing Trauma: Success Through Guided Imagery and the New Therapies - in Portland OR, Albuquerque NM, Cape Cod MA and Palm Springs CA, may be useful to you if your depression or chronic illnesses are related to traumatic events (we now know that many chronic pain conditions and functional diseases can be set in motion by the constant recycling of stress and calming biochemicals in the bloodstream after a traumatic event, as the body attempts to settle itself down). We also know that depression can be a byproduct of posttraumatic stress. [More information can be found at our PTSD page at http://healthjourneys.com/ptsd.asp]. If these conditions don''t apply, then I would just get the depression treated, so you can regain your energy and optimism for contending with your health issues.