Coping with Post-Election Dysphoria; Being Stuck in an MRI Tube; and the Power of Telehealth to Support Family Caregivers...

Hello again. 

This week’s question about “severe, post-election anxiety” is one we’ve gotten many times over this past pre- and post-election year. I’ve also encountered a dramatic level of distress at workshops and training sessions I’ve been giving to professionals.

So I’m eager to post this Q and A and get your feedback on what your experience is. So if you’re up for it, please post how you’ve been feeling and coping with the massive political changes we’re all experiencing. I’m not after a political discussion so much as a conversation about our own personal reactivity and the search for effective solutions. 

I’m also delighted with this week’s Hot Research, because it validates the support a family caregiver who is tending to a chronically ill relative – usually a spouse of a kid - can get from Telehealth solutions – help through a computer, a phone or an app. This is extremely important, given the number of people who are overwhelmed from functioning in this role.

Finally, I’m happy to post one person’s story about overcoming claustrophobic terror at the prospect of being stuck in a tube for 20 minutes for an MRI. It supports a counter-intuitive finding from Blue Shield of California, and also from Columbia Presbyterian Hospital – that the more anxious patients are, the steeper the drop in anxiety and the greater the benefit from guided imagery. 

So, enjoy this issue, post your comments and be well!

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