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Creativity & Inspiration

  1. A Creative Approach to Writing a Condolence Note

    BR recently found this condolence note sent to her years ago by an old boss from thirty years ago.
    It reminded us of how far a light touch, a little humor and some sensitive whimsy can carry you…. and how rare a treat it is to get a sympathy note that looks like this one.
    We hope some will take a page from her boss’s book the next time there’s a need to write a note of comfort to somebody.  It doesn’t always have to be leaden or patronizing or loaded with overwrought drama.  Some of us – most of us - hate that.
    But it’s not so easy to write a note that actually comforts. That’s why we’re posting this one.

    For sure most grievers are loathe to hear, "Well, at least she’s not suffering any more" – that seems to be the comment that gets top prize for Most Annoying.  However, “God never gives you more than you can handle”  is right up there, too.

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  2. Cancer Journey Opens Up Her Creativity & Intuition

    My journey through cancer has taught me to nurture my own creativity. I spent my career nurturing other people's, but cancer has taught me to pay attention to my own voice, and to use it. I finally started writing my own book, and have put all my writing experience into an e-programme so that I am free to write! Now my intuition is my guide and not my head. I feel I've been given a second chance to use my own voice, and am discovering new and exciting ways in which I can speak up. I no longer feel cut off and isolated, but engaged and joyful about the things I have to say.

    Amanda x

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  3. Singing in the Choir – Old-Fashioned, Heart-Opening Meditation

    Shortly after my mother died, I was sitting in church listening to the choir and thinking, "I wish I could do that."  I have always loved to sing, but stopped about 3 decades ago because I'm not really a very good singer.  In my own mind I compared myself unfavorably to the many talented musicians in my family, including my mother who was a pianist.

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