Cutting Yourself Some Slack When You’re Getting On Your Own Last Nerve

Midway through 2020, I still feel like I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. Between the Australian wildfires, the rageful political rhetoric, economic distress, the anticipated spread of the sneakiest virus ever, and…

Oh, wait — that was just January.

Okay. Needless to say, we’ve all had a lot on our plates, and the COVID-19 pandemic has been arguably our greatest underlying source of anxiety, frustration, disorientation, anger, depression, fear, and irritability.

With the dramatic spike in new cases comes the prospect of going back to square one, with overloaded hospitals, health care workers & first responders at their wits’ end, and a return to strict public health measures.

And worse, now many of us are dealing with the prospect of finding childcare when most providers are closed, or trying to work at home with needy kids underfoot. What about looking for new work while facing a very different job market than the one you entered? Maybe we’re actually doing okay, but are worried about parents or spouses or grown children. And some of us, perhaps, are now stuck living in close quarters with someone we don’t like very much, or who scares us.

Here at Health Journeys, while recognizing the critical importance of all these factors, we also believe in giving voice to the daily frustrations and irritants that come up in their wake. Even the most introverted among us are longing for the kind of social connection that can’t be had from six feet away.

The list goes on, and this virus isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. We need to figure out ways of moving forward without giving in to the weight of the stress and emotions mounting on us.

We all know, at least in theory, that however and whatever we feel is valid. Feelings aren’t a matter of right and wrong, they just are. But we can get overly critical of our own reactivity — especially when we’re spending so much time alone with our thoughts, without our usual cheering section of loving friends and family to remind us that we’re actually pretty cool people.

Rest assured; whatever your worries (and however sick and tired you are of having them), we’re here in solidarity with you. And we’re offering targeted, specific guided meditations to help support your whole health — mind, body & spirit.

Scared and anxious about getting infected, and already being as careful as you can be? You might want to try Emmett Miller’s powerful guided imagery to help your body resist acquiring the virus, or Belleruth’s to support a strong, balanced immune system. Aside from actually elevating short-term immune function, these audios also help you feel that you’re doing something proactive and positive — and that binds up anxiety, too.

Could you use a little positive self-talk to interrupt your judgy internal dialogue? Check out Traci Stein’s wonderful array of gently persuasive meditations for self-compassion. She has a set for when you’re awake, and another for when you’re sleeping and even less inclined to argue with her kind words. (How’s that for smart?)

If you’ve started eating and drinking in excess, or worse, gone back to smoking, we’ve got good help for that too.

And never forget the awesome Bodhipaksa, who came up with How to Stop Beating Yourself Up with his beautiful voice and brilliantly pure approach to mindfulness.

There’s lots more, but this is surely enough to get you started. (And if you want a bunch of these, save yourself some cash and time, and just get the app.)

Bottom line: we’ve got resources to help (almost as if we were putting this all together just for times like these). And between you and me, we’re thinking about calling these suggested audios The Everything Sucks Collection, because sometimes that’s just how it feels.

Hang in there. This too shall pass.

All best,
BR & the HJ Team