Help for Dealing with “Head-Case” Boss

Dear BR,

This is a shoutout for your materials, especially the Relieve Stress, Confidence and Affirmations - I use one of them every day and have been doing so for the past month.

I work in a high stress environment with a boss who is a complete head case. She critiques me and micromanages everything I do from the second I arrive to the time I leave.

I cannot say anything back to her because she's fragile and starts crying and hyperventilating. The woman truly needs help.

I am a problem solver and I have tried every sensible tack that I, my friends and my personal coach could think of. After a series of failed attempts at changing the dynamic, we determined that I have two options left: to quit, or tune her out and keep on doing my job to please myself and meet my own standards.

I picked option 2. I need my job. However this was easier said than done. A friend introduced me to Relieve Stress. It got me back to my core strength and back on track. I was quite surprised at how quickly it worked.

Now it is part of my personal sanity-saver regimen (along with working out like a demon on my treadmill. Also, candlelit bubble baths. Massage therapy from my boyfriend, too.). I alternate this CD with Self Confidence and I listen to the Affirmations on my way to work in the car.

This will have to do until such time as I can afford to tell this wreck what to do with her job. Hopefully, this bag of tricks will keep me sane until then. I wanted to personally thank you for these downloads. Without them, I would be getting unemployment or else would be in jail for assault.

Barrie (NOT my real name)