I swear, I almost never do this, but this brief video clip is so outrageously heartwarming and inspiring, you simply must crank up your volume and experience it. It’s the ultimate ANTI-STRESS intervention. Ready? Click here.... Hello, everyone.

I rarely do this, but a friend just forwarded me a video clip that is so heartwarming and inspiring, that when I played it for my I.T. guy, who was busy fixing some software glitches, he burst into tears. For a real treat and the ultimate anti-stress experience, please crank up your volume and then click here.

I also want to tell you about John Weeks’ wonderful, new blog, The Integrator, a smart way to track the very latest in what’s going on in the business, policy, practice and education of integrative medicine. John has always been the ultimate networker, teacher, visionary and promoter of effective CAM (complementary and alternative medicine) practices. He was on Sabbatical for a while and sorely missed. It’s great to see him back in his publisher/editor seat.

Health Journeys even got a mention in his latest posting, discussing the impressive work of Tracy Woolrich RN, a holistic case manager who launched a very creative program for chronic pain patients, sponsored by the State of Florida and Medicaid. The program uses guided imagery, needless to say, but also acupuncture and massage therapy, and is proving to be both helpful and cost-effective. John notes that this is the first patient population in the U.S. to have access to covered services provided by credentialed networks of licensed acupuncturists and massage therapists who are directly paid through Medicaid - that’s the exciting policy part that John always brings to the table.

Last week we posted some fascinating and important research that I want to mention again, in case you missed it. A study by Dipietro et al at Johns Hopkins found that when pregnant women listened to guided imagery for relaxation at 32 weeks, it not only improved their own pulse rates and heart rate variability, but their babies’ as well. You can read the whole abstract, which is archived on our Hot Research page, here.

We’re very pleased to report that Kaiser Permanente has renewed and extended its program of offering guided imagery downloads (for pregnancy and childbirth, insomnia, pain, weight loss, stress, surgery and menopause) to its members, free of charge. I’ll report more on this terrific program next time.

And we’re totally psyched to announce that we’ll be producing some brand, new imagery for cancer patients by The Voice himself, imagery pioneer and virtuoso practitioner, Emmett Miller MD, who has put together some masterful immune-enhancing, cancer fighting imagery, as well as imagery to accompany and maximize the experience of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. We’re reading these for production now, so stay tuned for an announcement when they get to the warehouse - it won’t be for a while yet.

But very soon we’ll have new guided imagery for allergies from our very popular hypnotherapist/psychologist/teacher/researcher (and photographer), Carol Ginandes PhD. Relieve Allergy, Reduce Reactivity is being produced, even as we speak, so stay tuned for an announcement as soon as it arrives. We’ve had a huge number of requests for this CD.

OK, that’s it for now. Take care and be well!
All best,