Do take an early peek at our awesome, new resources , scheduled for print in the January catalog. I’m really stoked about this batch, and put together combinations that I thought would make for great holiday gifts.. Greetings, everyone.

Do take an early peek at our awesome, new resources , scheduled for print in the January catalog. I’m really stoked about this batch, and put together combinations that I thought would make for great holiday gifts.

For instance, KRS Edstrom’s Fly without Fear: Guided Meditations for a Relaxing Flight gracefully and expertly desensitizes the terrified and the just plain nervous with a state-of-the-art combination of mindfulness, imagery and body awareness. It’s wisely segmented for each phase of traveling, so there are tracks for before you travel and also for during the flight itself.

You could pop this CD in a pretty gift bag with Carol Dickman’s In Flight Yoga or Emmett Miller’s Free Yourself from Fear and you’d have a life-changing gift for your favorite flight-phobe.

I’m also very impressed with the way energy healer Donna Eden and psychologist Dr. David Feinstein have applied energy psychology to relationships in their contagiously exuberant, illuminating, extremely useful DVD, The Energies of Love: The Invisible Key to a Fulfilling Relationship.

I’m thinking that this, combined with Michele Ritterman’s skillful, engaging, tour-de-force, Ericksonian Hypnosis CD, called Shared Couples’ Trance: Enhance Your Relationship, or with our Successful Relationships guided imagery CD, cozily ensconced in a festive gift bag, would make an awesome present for your favorite, self-improving, personal growth-ing couple. Just a thought.

Another gem of a gift idea is Dr. Philip Morse’s super-comprehensive, multimedia, adolescent stress reduction program, called Kick Out Stress: Teen Stress Reduction Program. This software, CD and workbook combo is also great for coaches, teachers, parents, group leaders and counselors as well. It covers all the bases, doesn’t talk down to the kids, is cleverly creative and fun-filled, and provides a ton of ideas and methods. Quite the toolkit for your basic teen angst, sturm, drang and drama.

And all you Lynne Newman aficionados out there, you’ll be beside yourselves with glee to learn that we now have 3 new CDs of hers, each one every bit as transcendent, healing and richly spiritual as her beloved Song of the Soul. You can find the whole extravagantly delicious collection at Lynne’s new page.

Lynne’s work seems especially helpful to trauma survivors and people suffering from acute stress, phobias and anxiety, but they bring a sense of deep peace and joy to just about anyone. Throw a couple of these in a gift bag with a soothing, real-deal aromatherapy candle and you have a fantastic, gratitude-generating, self-soothing gift.

We’ve also finally found an excellent, guy-voice, sports performance CD, that hits all the right notes and has all the right values. (We’ve been steering clear of these grisly sports audios that want listeners to either win or die, which has left us hard pressed to find something we could get behind). But here it is: Dr. Jack Singer’s Core Sports Performance . The good Dr. Singer uses a potent combination of progressive relaxation, conscious breathing, imagery, Ericksonian hypnosis and affirmations to catalyze a state of deep focus and effective performance. It’s terrific.

I’m also a new fan of seasoned hypnotherapist Shirley McNeal PhD, who does a dynamite job with Test Taking Mastery, to propel the frozen, the nervous and the just plain ambitious into a state of relaxed focus, enhanced concentration, deep recall and calm confidence, so they can ace that exam. It doesn’t substitute for studying, but it does allow the listener to maximize on what he or she knows, in a big way. I’m really impressed with this CD. This Dr. Shirley knows her onions.

She also has one for auditions, public speaking, and presentations to groups at work - any kind of performance in front of an audience. It’s called Overcoming Performance Anxiety, and it too is terrific. Again, you could combine one of these puppies in a gift bag, with our Self-Confidence & Peak Performance imagery or with Martha Howard’s ever-popular Keys to Your Highest Potential and you’ve got a really helpful gift for a pal who’s ready to dazzle an audience.

And for middle school kids and younger teens, Fern Fujimoto has created E-Motion: Guiding Children into Wholeness. These are wonderful, age-appropriate meditations that address the concerns of older grade school and middle school age kids - self-esteem, health, body image and happiness in volume one, and anger, fear, mistakes, worry and goal-setting in volume two.

There’s also an already assembled, perfect little gift pack for this age group, that includes both CDs along with a de-stressing hand-squeezer in the shape of an enchanting little hot air balloon, in a brightly colored gift bag - a great gift for your stressed out pre-teen. (And what pre-teen is NOT stressed out, I ask you? It comes with the job description.).

I also couldn’t resist an amazing music CD called Dakshina by Deva Premal, a simply gorgeous collection of Hindu mantras, set to music and layered with multiple tracks of Deva Premal’s amazing, richly textured voice (a la Enya, only more so). This is deeply calming and heart-opening music, great to listen to any time.