Here we are at crunch time. For those of you willing to spring for two-day mail, you've got 'til Wednesday at one o'clock EST .. How it got to be December, I do not have the first clue but here we are at crunch time. For those of you willing to spring for two-day mail, you''ve got ''til Wednesday at one o''clock EST. And, I guess if you want to really immolate your bank balance, there''s one day mail with a Thursday deadline.

So, let me tell you about how you can redeem your tardy, overworked, time-deprived, cross-eyed, procrastinating self in the nick o'' time and get some fabulously thoughtful, nourishing and delightful gifts out, prontissimo, too!

First off, for your favorite tense person (and, yes, we know this could even be you) we have our Stress Less Gift Pack. It''s pretty, it''s thoughtful and it''s endlessly useful for the recipient - with 2 popular, effective guided imagery & hypnosis CDs (our Health Journeys Relieve Stress guided imagery and David Illig''s brilliant, Ericksonian hypnosis, Reduce Stress & Anxiety), combined with some terrifically uptown, stress-releasing Body Lotion and Body Wash, infusing mind, body & spirit with the calming aromatherapy scents of lavender, chamomile and sage. All of this shows up in a really pretty holiday gift bag..

And of course for the kiddies, we have a holiday gift bag that combines some serious faves - Babar''s Yoga for Elephants book (instructive and funny both, in that dear, de Brunhoff way we all grew up with) with our beloved Dr. Rox''s magical, kid-calming and empowering CD, From a Grain of Sand, along with the cutest little soft and snuggly, designer, plush toy you ever did see - all packed in an adorable, festive gift bag for your own special cutie.

This would work fine for kids anywhere from toddler to 9 or 10, as long as they''re not trying desperately to be preteens before their time. And it will give them priceless skills at self-soothing and self-regulating - both mood and energy - that will last them a resilient lifetime.

And for your favorite insomniac, temporary or chronic, check out our awesome Soothe to Sleep Gift Pack, a luxuriously effective combo that offers the calming aromatherapy blends of lemongrass, orange and seaweed in a yummy Body Wash and PhytoBody Lotion; a handy, fool-proof Twilight Shade Airline-Style Sleep Mask with its own carry pouch; some comfortably soft, foam earplugs (not those horrid things that keep popping out of your ears); and our very own Healthful Sleep CD, a well-established, deep sleep-inducer that could make your sleeping pills yesterday''s news.

And finally, the other thing I simply have to mention is our Lovely Baby CDs - we keep running out of them because of all the baby raves we''re getting, via their parents word of mouth. It''s a perfect gift for someone who''s expecting a baby or who just got one.

One is for general baby joie-de-vivre and another is for help with sleep. They work! And somehow - I''m not sure how this guy Raimond Lap pulled this off - they''re really delightful for adults to listen to as well, over and over again. They''re made for babies from prenatal to 36 month old, fusing classical and jazz instrumentals with natural sounds and appealing, adorable, cooing baby vocals. They presumably optimize baby brain development and help build baby skills - and they probably do, I just haven''t seen any research on this - while creating a peaceful, loving and soothing home environment. My toddler grandsons are definitely on board with the talented Mr. Lap. Send these as a gift and I can assure you, the little patootie''s parents will be very grateful.

OK, so I''ll be back with more profound things to say after the holidays.

Take care. Be safe. Enjoy the enjoyable and avoid the aggravating, to whatever extent you can! And if you can''t, listen to your imagery!

All best for a very happy holiday from me and the whole HJ staff!!