Yo! Last call for slacker, procrastinator holiday shoppers!! You can still get one of our holiday gift packs 2-day-mailed to your favorite person in time for Christmas or Chanukah (which starts on the 25th this year.. Last call for slacker, procrastinator holiday shoppers!! You can still get one of our holiday gift packs 2-day-mailed to your favorite person in time for Christmas or Chanukah (which starts on the 25th this year)... I mean, truthfully, don’t you think the Harmony Pack for Kids or our Stress Relief in a Box would be a heck of a lot more satisfying and functional as a present than one of those dreaded, 800-pound, super-compressed, stick-in-your-fillings fruitcakes? (And if you are one of the .0015% of the population who actually makes a tasty fruitcake, my heartfelt apologies.)

Please spread the word to your friends in urban development, community organization, nonprofit management and/or policy development, who want to go back to school to learn and do more - the Arthur J Naparstek Philanthropic Fund has just been put into place at Case Western Reserve University.

As some of you already know, my husband was a hell of a guy, who empowered a lot of people during his lifetime, especially the poor, the neglected and the voiceless. Now he’ll continue to do so, thanks to two separately endowed scholarships that will pay for one American and one Israeli student each year to get a masters in nonprofit management at the world-class Mandel Center for Nonprofit Organizations at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. This way his powerful, groundbreaking, badly needed work in community building and strengthening civil society can continue to grow.

So the national and international search for outstanding candidates is on. If you know of someone with the brains, talent and heart worthy of this opportunity, please guide him or her to this recent article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, announcing the $1.6 million dollar Arthur J. Naparstek Philanthropic Fund. It explains more what the scholarships are all about, talks about Art’s work and describes the nationally renowned Mandel Center. They can also click on http://www.case.edu/mandelcenter/, email Robyn Roche at [email protected] or call her at 800.435.6669 for more info.

text OK, now back to Health Journeys business: I will be recording the Parkinson’s Disease CD in the next couple of weeks. Then we’ll do the editing, mix the music, and, hopefully, I’ll be able to announce we have something ready to release around 4-6 weeks after that. Thanks for your patience. We get a lot of requests for this imagery and I’ll be happy to be producing it at last.

Cindy tells me that Mary Sise’s DVD, explaining and demonstrating her unique, efficacious combination of Thought Field Therapy and Emotional Freedom Technique, is finally in the warehouse. TFT and EFT are two of the very effective, imagery-based "alphabet therapies" which I describe and recommend in my book, Invisible Heroes: Survivors of Trauma and How They Heal.

Watching this video and working with Mary’s protocol actually provides a method and an effective intervention for dealing with fears, phobias and many of the symptoms of posttraumatic stress . And if you’re a mental health professional who’s curious about this stuff but not enough to sign up for a whole workshop or training program, this is a wonderful way to get acquainted with this kind of work. Mary is a solid, gifted clinical social worker and teacher, as well as the president of The Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology, who’s been working with these techniques for years. I’m proud to be able to offer her work to you, because she’s a gem and her method is so totally practical, useful and helpful to people.

And we also have two more CD’s by the dazzlingly talented KRS Edstrom - Defeat Pain and Sleep through Insomnia. I love this woman’s work - such a sophisticated and artful combination of mindfulness, somatic awareness, imagery and hypnosis! We’re already getting great feedback on Fly without Fear, which, for some reason, came in earlier than the other two. All three of these titles, along with Mary’s DVD are some of the new resources you’ll find in our new catalog, destined for a January mailing.

OK, have a wonderful, safe, joyous, peaceful holiday. Or if you can’t do that, and this is a hard time for you, please just do the best you can, which is plenty good enough.

All best,