A young couple have their first baby, jointly participating in guided imagery, prenatal yoga and birth classes during the pregnancy. They made a great team and produced a great baby, of course.. Dear Health Journeys Team,
My friends, Bobby and Naomi, just had their first baby 9 days ago. Bobby said that listening frequently to the guided imagery for pregnancy and delivery, doing prenatal yoga, and just the fact of knowing what to expect, thanks to their prenatal classes, were the three factors that helped the most.

He said that when his wife was in the greatest discomfort during labor, he would quote phrases from the imagery. They especially liked the idea that discomfort was evidence of "purposeful action" in the uterus. His wife was very calm and serene.

He also told me that the labor only took 14 hours which, according to him, is very short for first time births. (I wouldn’t know.).

I thought you’d like to know.

Karla N.