We got this note from a woman suffering from longstanding depression, anxiety attacks and negative self-talk, who feels that imagery helped turn all that around and give her back control.. Dear Health Journeys and BR,

I just wanted to let you know how helpful your guided imagery for depression has been to me. I have suffered from longstanding depression since I was a junior high school student, but it had gotten worse over the last few years (I am now 36).

I can''t tell you how many sleepless nights that audio (first the tape, now the CD) got me through, how many times it silenced the negative soundtrack that was all my mind would play, or how many anxiety attacks it quelled.

I am very much in control of my depression now, after years of working on it, but I still count on your imagery to help me through the rough spots. Thank you. Though I don''t know you, your voice is as familiar to me as my own mother''s . . . and as comforting.

Christie Keating