An employer is baffled as she tries to get into our fabulous at-the-screen Healer App, What is she doing wrong, she asks BR. BR gives her the secret formula and all is well. .. Dear Belleruth,
I am trying to get set up with the desktop personal spa, for me and the three employees I supervise at work... but it keeps asking me for a corporate code and I don''t have one. The form will not let me proceed without one. Please advise!!!!!
Jae Bartowsky

Dear Jae,
Here’s what you do:
  • Give yourself a name and a password of your own choosing.
  • For corporate code, write: HealthJourneys (just like that, with upper and lower case letters as you find them.)
  • You’re in!
Enjoy the 5-minute spa services and encourage your colleagues to tend to their aching shoulders, eyestrain, headaches and sore wrists with the fabulous yoga, imagery, acupressure and qigong "mini-treatments" therein, guided by some of the best practitioners around - Andy Weil, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Martha Howard, Emmett Miller, Susie Prudden, and many, many more. It’s good you’re grabbing it while it’s still free - that’s going to change!