, our plucky little "healer app", does it again, this time soothing the ravaged hearts and minds of those brave souls taking the most outraged and difficult complaints for a major mail order company.. I am the director of operations for a huge mail order company that sends billions of dollars worth of housewares around the world. In spite of our reputation for excellence and our high quality wares, we of course get complaints, and for the most difficult, super-irate callers, we have a special team of sensitive, emotionally astute staff to respond.

I don’t have to tell you, this is a very stressful job! These personnel, chosen for their sensitivity and kindness, get an earful of whatever frustration, fury, disappointment, resentment, exasperation - you name it - that the caller has to express, 24/7. By the end of the day, most of them are pretty fried.

Last year, I introduced them to, to give them a little oasis of R & R at regular times during the day, and to help them release all the aggravation they collect, so they don’t have take it home with them.

It has made a wonderful difference! They are less "absorbent" of all the anger they get. They report feeling more resilient, and say they are less exhausted and depressed from their steady diet of complaints. I am delighted to have this resource for them. Thanks to you all!