Hello, Ms. Naparstek:
I have been listening to the Control Diabetes CD, having been diagnosed with Insulin Resistance/High Blood Sugar -- and you speak in the CD about opening the body and cells to sweetness and fully opening the body and cells to absorb glucose.

I am slightly puzzled, as I had been under the impression that there was too much glucose in my bloodstream -- and that, for whichever reason, the insulin receptors on the cells are burned out and not absorbing insulin, anymore. I must be wrong, but I am not sure how.

Is the controlling diabetes CD still a good one to listen to for those of us with hyperinsulemia? Thank you so much.


We've gotten this question a lot over the years.  The main problem with diabetes is that the sugar in the bloodstream doesn't get absorbed by the cells - so it hangs around and makes mischief, corroding organs and compromising the blood vessels.  

Often the body is still producing insulin but for various reasons, it doesn't get used properly - so the insulin also hangs around in the blood stream, contributing to a feeling of sluggishness, maybe even some depression, that people with diabetes can experience.  

So the idea of the imagery is to encourage the body to make proper use of these elements - hooking up the insulin properly so it can open up the cells to taking in the sugar, removing it from the bloodstream, and putting it to good work in the cells to produce energy and growth.  

The imagery also plays with the notion that this quirky cellular tendency is a possible hologram for the whole person - so there’s imagery to encourage the idea of taking in sweetness from life in general.

Hope that answers your question!  

All best,

Carrie further responds:

Thank you.  Yes, both make sense to me.  It has been a battle to get any information from my doctor and so I have obviously been awash in a sea of ignorance!

The funny thing is that, in my family, my father and I have high blood sugar, and both of us are the compulsive givers who find it very hard to receive anything -- so the idea that the cells are saying: No, really. That's okay: I really didn't need that: you go ahead and take it makes a lot of sense to me. I loved your imagery about receiving the sweetness of life in the CD.