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  1. The Gifts of Art and Music Therapy on a Dialysis Unit

    I worked as an art therapist on a dialysis unit in Cleveland, Ohio for five years. A music therapist (who made individualized tapes for each patient) joined me, and together we were successful in uplifting the mood and environment of the unit, both for the patients and the staff.

    We were certain we prevented blood pressures from dropping when people worked with us, and attempted a study to prove this. Unfortunately, statistics got in the way and we were never able to finish the study.

    Nevertheless, we remain steadfast in our belief that art and music therapies benefit and improve the dialysis experience.

    Sara Dickman, M.S., ATR with Marianne Kallen.

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  2. Imagery a Good Resource for Dialysis

    Janet and Tim, who run a Dialysis Center in eastern Texas, wrote to tell us that using guided imagery for Dialysis, Relaxation & Wellness and Relieve Stress has been a helpful addition to their resources for their patient population.

    Tim writes:
    "Dialysis can be a dispiriting, depressing process that can get tougher and tougher on our people over time. It is a true challenge for us to help our people stay motivated, energized and positive. We found the guided imagery was not for everyone – some will always prefer watching the TV screen - but for a good percentage of our population at any given time, it makes a difference in how they respond to the process.  We now introduce guided imagery to everyone when they first arrive, knowing that for those who will use it, it will make a big difference."

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  3. Dialysis CD Used to Support Existing Kidney Function

    A woman writes:

    Your CDs have been with me on a difficult journey. I started with your Surgery CDs before the first of my two knee replacements (within 7 months).  They were invaluable.  

    When I had the second surgery, something happened that my kidneys didn't like, and I found myself at the bad end of stage 4 kidney failure.  Even as I followed the nephrologist's protocol, I felt I had to find a way to accept the fact that dialysis was a real possibility and to be ready for it if and when it came.

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  4. Kidney Transplant Patient Has High Praise for Guided Imagery

    Here’s a wonderful, hopeful, transplant success story, from a woman who’d been on dialysis for 5 years…
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