We hear from a dialysis center that guided imagery is a great help patients undergoing their three-hour dialyzing procedure, lending support, encouragement and adding some positive motivation to an otherwise dreary procedure.. Janet and Tim, who run a Dialysis Center in eastern Texas, write to tell us that our guided imagery for Dialysis, Relaxation & Wellness and Relieving Stress have been extremely useful to their patient population.
Tim writes:
"Dialysis can be a dispiriting, depressing process that can get tougher and tougher on our people over time. It is a true challenge for us to help our people stay motivated, energized and positive. We found the guided imagery was not for everyone, but for a little less than half our population at any given time, it makes a substantial difference in how they respond to the process. We now introduce guided imagery to everyone when they first arrive, knowing that for those who will use it, it will make a big difference."