A Dialysis Center Benefits from Guided Imagery: Count the Ways…

Dear Health Journeys,

I am manager of technical operations at a dialysis center, and we recently introduced guided imagery to support our patients. They typically sit for hours in reclining chairs several times a week while undergoing treatment.  Most turn on the TV and drift off to sleep during their treatment.  Some of them close their eyes and appear to sleep.  Most become “out of it” during this process.

This was not the case with the patients who listened to the guided imagery. They really fell asleep, soundly!  They knew it was O.K. to fall asleep and still benefit from the CD as instructed.  After their treatment, they were still relaxed, yet seemed refreshed from a "deep" sleep.  We were excited to see this, as this is not the usual.

One patient who has a fear of needles listened to the imagery prior to her treatment.   I asked how she felt, after starting her treatment, and she stated the CD relaxed her enough make it easier to hook up to treatment.  This was another encouraging outcome.

Another patient told us he wants to listen to guided imagery every time he comes for treatment, because it motivates him to stay on track and not get discouraged.  We have had such good results that our nephrologist at our facility thought we should start a whole audio library for our patients to listen to while on dialysis.  

I thought you would like to know.  It is hard for people to keep up their spirits during dialysis.  Guided imagery is a great new tool we can offer in this setting.

Steven P.