Digitally Delivered Mental Health – The Revolution Is Here!

You could say it’s a revolution in the delivery of adjuvant mental health services - a shift that sneaked up on all of us in plain sight.

Mind-body therapies such as guided imagery, breath work, mindfulness meditation and various relaxation therapies are now available to everyone, providing anonymous, respectful, timely, self-administered self-help, at low or no cost.

People who can’t find or afford a therapist; or who don’t like the idea of going to one; or who need more than a 50-minute session, once a week; or who crave the autonomy of self-administered therapies; or who have panic attacks at 2 am and need something right then to keep them company until the sun comes up - all these folks can now get help by pressing PLAY, on their smart phones, iPods and MP3’s. 

And we’re learning that this kind of help really works. Research over the past few years is showing us how these portable, digital interventions can yield significant benefit for reducing anxiety, depression and stress.

We can thank the Aussie’s for starting this whole trend. Back in 2001, Australian National University launched MoodGYM®, a long distance, computerized cognitive behavioral program for depression that took off like a rocket.

The distances to decent therapy services Down Under were so vast, the program so well designed, and the national character so attracted to self-sufficiency, that MoodGYM® became an integral solution to the problem of depression. Soon a MoodGYM® program for anxiety followed. The rest of the world knew a good thing when they saw it and followed suit.

We too have been having fun finding ways to inexpensively deliver guided imagery downloads that target anxiety, depression, grief, anger, OCD, addiction, heartbreak and posttraumatic stress. 

We’re licensing our content to hospitals for patients to access on their TV screens and bedside tablets; to colleges and universities, for stressed students to download to their phones and listening devices; and for health spas, counseling centers and Employee Assistance Programs. Contact us if you’re interested in offering digital downloads through your organization.

So during Mental Health Month, we extend an enthusiastic thank you to the Aussies and the digital developers and all the people who bet on themselves and gave these techniques a try.  Enjoy your emotional wellness!

All best,

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