A cancer survivor who marks the anniversary of her diagnosis by making chemo care gift bags for cancer patients, asks if any drug companies give out Health Journeys CDs for free.. Belleruth,
Hi. I am a recent cancer survivor and just attended your workshop in NM. Every February, I mark the anniversary of my diagnosis by pulling together chemo care packages for cancer patients.

Do any drug companies supply your CDs to infusion centers free of charge? I would like to include them in my packages, but do not have the financial ability to purchase one for each gift bag.

Last year we made 139 bags but this year we are slimming it down to about 75. Work has been so hectic that I can''t take on such a huge project again. I am not a nonprofit and this is a pure, grassroots kind of effort. I’m hoping that a drug company has some and would give me some for free. Please advise.

Carly C. and Cancer-Free

Dear Carly,
What an ingenious way to mark a traumatic anniversary, honor the roller coaster ride you’ve been on, celebrate your recovery and do some good for others at the same time! Bravissima and rock on, I say.

And yes, those good folks at GlaxoSmithKline Oncology, the makers of the anti-nausea drug, Zofran, do indeed give out free Health Journeys guided imagery CDs to infusion centers and oncology floors all across the US. They’ve been doing so for over a decade now, and have reached hundreds of thousands of patients with these freebies, ever since the days when they were SmithKline Beecham.

In fact, Cindy tells me GSK just ordered another big batch of our guided imagery for Chemotherapy . But you will need to ask a nurse to get some for you, as they are only supplied directly to the professionals at the cancer treatment facilities. But I’m sure if you explain what you are up to, the professionals at your local center will be happy to help you get your hands on them.

Good luck, kudos to you, and happy holidays.