Docs Recommend Surgery for My Sister's Diabetes & High Blood Pressure but I Want Her to Try a Less Invasive Approach.  What Do You Suggest?

Good morning!

My sister is currently suffering from diabetes II, chronic kidney disease (stage 2) and the doctors are unable still to get her blood pressure under control. While the doctors are suggesting that she have surgery to help with weight loss that will reverse the conditions mention above, I have suggested to my sister that an integrative approach is best. This thought process led me to your site. I have used your products in the past and have been satisfied. Which combination of CDs do you suggest my sister may benefit from given the aforementioned medical issues.

Thank you in advance for your guidance.

(name withheld)

Dear T,

Your sister is lucky to have you.

I agree that, in her case, weight loss could be a big help. Longstanding clinical research certainly supports that. There is also outcome data showing that guided imagery and meditation can change blood chemistry and reduce hypertension (lower blood pressure) as well.

So, an integrative approach, by definition, would interweave traditional allopathic medicine with appropriate integrative approaches: mind-body therapies, including meditation, hypnosis, and imagery, plus biofield therapies/acupuncture/nutrition/herbal supplements/spirituality, etc.). So it might be useful not think about this as either/or, but rather, the best of everything.

I would start out with Relieve Stress and Manage Diabetes. If she prefers one or two of the mediation choices on the stress audio (imagery for anxiety, walking meditation, imagery for conjuring up feelings of protection and support, affirmations) over the targeted diabetes imagery, that’s fine. Anything that helps her relax and manage her stress will get the job done just fine.

If she does well with those and is ready for more variety, I’d recommend the Weight Loss imagery and affirmations and maybe David Illig’s hypnosis with subliminal messages, too. Traci Stein’s healthy weight imagery for during sleep is another strong contender.

Finally, if she does decide to opt for the surgery, our outcomes with the surgery imagery show it delivers benefits in reducing blood loss, use of morphine, recovery time, pain, length of stay and pre- and post-op anxiety.

Hope this is what you were looking for.