"Does the chemo CD work if I fall asleep and don't consciously hear the guided imagery? It was comforting to hear the words during the last round. Will it be as helpful if I’m napping?".. Dear Belleruth,
I have already completed one round of chemotherapy, which included 12 treatments. I relied heavily on your chemo CD, which helped me tremendously. I then purchased the general wellness cd and have been using it on and off.

I just found out that I need another round of chemo (up to 12 treatments again) and want to use your chemo cd. My question is, does the CD work even if I fall asleep and don''t consciously "hear" the guided imagery or affirmations?

When I used to "hear" the words, it was comforting. Now, I don''t "hear" the words and wonder if the chemo cd will be as helpful as it was the first time.

I will be starting chemo next week and would appreciate your response as soon as possible. Thank you for creating such wonderful tools to aid in our overall wellness.
Sincerely, MaryLou

Dear MaryLou,

Yes, if you fall asleep, you still get the benefit of the imagery.. In fact, there''s some evidence to suggest that during sleep, because your brain waves are slowed down, your mind is even more receptive to the imagery. (We''ve learned this best from people with diabetes who fell asleep consistently while listening - never got past the instructions, in fact - but their blood glucose levels continued to drop pretty steadily in a nice, zig-zag pattern, just the same. So don''t worry! Snooze away! (And if you want to stay awake to hear the words, for the comfort factor, you might find that listening while walking with a headset, just before chemo, might be something to try.)