Does the Guided Imagery for Unlocking Intuition Conflict with Christianity?

A devout Christian wants to develop her intuitive side more, but is leery of guided imagery and concerned it may conflict with her Christian faith. She asks Belleruth for clarification on this issue. Here is the question and the answer.


I am interested in working with your intuition guided imagery to help me develop my intuitive side, which I feel is very strong. However, I wonder if there is material on these exercises that conflicts with Christianity. 

I am a Christian, and feel very protective of my faith. I feel leery of getting into the wrong sort of practice. 

Can you help to explain this to me?

Thank you,

Carla Steinway McFee


Dear Carla,

I understand and respect your concerns. 

I think you'll find that the four meditations on this audio program are very much in keeping with the essence of Christian doctrine, as they are based on opening the heart to its own natural feelings of lovingness, compassion and gratitude, in order to better access the intuitive information that is available to us all.

In fact, in my book, Your Sixth Sense, in Chapter 10, I explain the “Physics of Psi”, which is all about accessing states of universal love, which enhance and cohere the human energy field. Sitting in the seat of the heart and accessing these states of universal love are what religious people of many faiths see as accessing God or Christ. So, even though I don’t use specifically Christian terms – I want this book to be accessible to all people, not just Christians – it fits with Christian thinking and practice. 

In fact, the quote I use in the beginning of the book is from Proverbs, and it’s about tuning the instrument, so to speak. It says,

The preparation of the heart is the work of mankind; But the gift of speech comes from the Lord. (Proverbs 16:1)

So, these guided imagery tracks are very much in keeping with the values of Christianity, and are basically exercises in evoking feelings of love, kindness, empathy, compassion and wonder, in order to access wisdom to enhance our everyday lives.

I hope this helps answer your question and reassures you.

All best,

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