Dear Belleruth,
Is the new Immune System CD appropriate for over- active or autoimmune syndromes/problems??  Would it provide balance, regardless of the immune issue (sort of like an adoptgen herbal remedy)?? It sounds like the Allergy CD does that.


Dear John,
So glad you asked!  Most of this imagery is immune system activating and fairly aggressive, using a military metaphor for getting the troops out, patrolling, targeting and smacking down any incipient trouble-maker enemies (mutant cancer cells, for instance, but also bugs, viruses, bacteria), before they have a chance to make mischief.  For this reason, it’s ideal for people fighting cancer or in remission from cancer; for people prone to viral or bacterial infections; and for people who, for whatever reason, want to strengthen their body’s immune function.

There is of course also imagery in there to support the discriminating action of these immune cells, emphasizing the notion that this is not about attacking the body’s own healthy tissue – friendly territory must be left in peace.  And there is imagery to support the action of suppressor cells, and the idea that they know when the battle is won and it’s time to pack up and go home.  So it has some built in messages for auto-immune conditions as well.

But still, this audio is primarily about activating fighter cells in the body, and, especially after we mixed the powerful music (Steve Kohn’s Music for Motivation, which also scores our the Weight Loss and Smoking Cessation imagery), it was clear to me that this is gonzo imagery that emphasizes activation – discriminating activation to be sure, but activation nonetheless - more than calming things down.  

For this reason – and especially with this terrific music - I wouldn’t use it for an autoimmune condition alone (such as lupus, M.S., rheumatoid arthritis, etc.).  But if someone with an autoimmune condition also had cancer or a vicious flu, I do think it has enough built-in safeguards to be appropriate.

I hope this answers your question. I’m really glad you asked it, because after we mixed the music, I shifted my idea somewhat about whom this was for. (It’s a great reminder about how potent music is, too.  I would have had a slightly different answer from just the words alone.)

All best,